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Garden Tips

For Spring

Overseeding Fescue Lawns

Determine the size of lawn to be overseeded. Fescue lawns should be overseeded at a rate of 4-6 pounds per 1000 square feet.


Choose a quality grass seed such as Gard'n-wise Premium fescue blend. Cheap seed often contains weed and other crop seed that is difficult or impossible to remove without damaging your new lawn.


Use a starter fertilizer such as Ferti-lome New Lawn Starter when seeding. New grass will be healthier and establish faster with use.


Natural Guard Soil Activator increases the microbial activity in the soil. Microbes aid in converting fertilizer into a food for the grass. Healthy soil makes healthy plants.


Rent a verticutter/seeder and fertilizer spreader. Unless grass seed is lightly incorporated into the ground a low percentage of seed will come up. The best way to accomplish this is by using a verticutter to cut shallow grooves into your lawn creating a seed bed.


  1. Mow your lawn to 1.5” tall.
  2. Mark all sprinkler heads to avoid damage from verticutter.
  3. Verticut lawn in one direction then go over the area again at a 45 degree angle. Remove the debris with a rake or mower with a bag attachment.
  4. Broadcast seed over the entire lawn starting with the spreader set at a low setting. Go over the area until the seed is gone.
  5. Broadcast New Lawn Starter and then the Soil Activator at the labeled rate.
  6. Keep the seed moist until the grass is established. This is best done with frequent, short waterings. If new seed is allowed to dry out it will die.
  7. Mow cool season grass after it has reached a height of 3 inches. Set the mower to a height of 2 inches. As the grass matures raise the mowing height to 3 inches.
  8. After the grass has been growing for 30 days, apply Ferti-lome Winterizer to help establish a strong root system.


Growing Tomatoes

Here are a few tips for growing the best tomatoes.


1. Before planting, improve your soil by mixing Cotton Boll Compost into your existing soil.


2. Set the plant slightly deeper than the container.


3. Water with a starter solution immediately after planting. We recommend Ferti-lome Blooming and Rooting.


4. Apply a layer of organic mulch 2-3 weeks after planting. Use shallow cultivation near the plants to scrape away any small weeds.


5. Fertilize when the first fruit on the plant is about the size of a walnut. This will usually improve yields and lengthen the harvest period.


6. Cold nights early in the growth period or hot, dry windy weather may cause blossom damage or blossom drop. Irregular shaped fruit may develop from early cold periods.




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